Consulting & Technology

Our Consulting & Technology (CNT) business vertical formed aiming to deliver smart technological solutions to our clients. Aligning with our mission MAT Business Solutions set a goal to provide quality consulting and implementation services at affordable price

Our jobs

  • MAT Business Solutions Serving Private sector like House, School, Banks, small and large industries Solar power system & Energy Power saving solutions.
  • MEGA Engineering Serving Government semi Government departments, telecommunications, Builders, Generator power solutions, Rental power services & Energy consultant.

  • Energy

    Under this business vertical, we are providing power generation solutions to our clients. Headed by highly experienced power-gen professionals, this sector is eager to map your energy needs with best breads in the market in a cost efficient manner, Solar Power System and Energy Saving Solutions for all kind of businesses


    Under this business vertical
    we are providing on-demand
    services for following heads
    Outsourced Payroll Execution
    & Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

    Showcase of Our Latest Projects

    Professionally customer service with robust ideas.

    Delivering Smart Solutions

    Why Choose Us

    Never get relaxed till the job is over.
    Continuous Improvement
    Never come to a state of permanent satisfaction.
    Customer Centric
    One satisfied customer is better than 10 annoyed.


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